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Contact Person

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An effort begun by a young man who is less work, have a hobby in the world of graphic design. effort initiated from the date of July 3, 2011. beginning of a fad and then ventured to publish it. venture named DIV, which is taken from the Sanskrit word meaning light, it is highly expected by the young man  the execution of such rays can shine and be accepted by everyone.

Business Name: Div-Design
Owner : I Putu Febri Aditia (Nak Cenik LEngeh)
 Mobile Number: +62823 7233 3327
 YM: Div_Design or truno_bali
Fb : Div Design
Tw : DivDesign1
Address: Jln Kerawabong No. 47, Dsn. IV Sudimaro
Des. Restu Rahayu Kec. Raman Utara
Kab. Lampung Timur Lampung 34154

 By : Div-Design

Div Design
Judul: Contact Person
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