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Aside from being a craft gallery, craft and design, as well as Design Div speaker design that organizes training craft.
Training can be held:
A. Makrame
2. craft sticks (stem) banana
3. woodcraft
3. fabric craft
4. all crafts
5. etc. on demand

and orders received are:
A. craft design
2. booth design and manufacture of exhibition stands design
3. various crafts interior
4. T-shirts and clothing design
5. Makrame
6. web design
7. art design
8. etc. on demand

Div design is supported by an experienced trainer and expert in the arts, bringing the training atmosphere is very comfortable so that participants can quickly master and apply them to their future. and implementation of a competitive price.
receive general training events, training in the schools (teachers can become permanent if requested).
Entrusting the training that you will hold on us.
DIV Design.

Div Design
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